What does it mean to be a Creator Being?

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What does it mean to be a Creator Being?

Well, it means that we create our reality.  How do we create?  We create through focus and attention.  What you focus on expands. What you think about therefore, matters!  Literally!   Every thought carries a frequency, this frequency emission is the energy that manifests the world around you.  We are swimming in a sea of plasma, this plasma is what makes up the physical world.  The plasma field is a field of pure potentiality it responds to frequency by becoming the physical manifestation of the frequency.  This field responds to frequency by manifesting matter itself.  The matter that forms, is the direct result of the frequency.  The frequency you hold can be visualized by your eyes as the material world around you.  Every thought matters.

Don’t like what you see.  Change it.  What you see is a direct reflection of your ruling state of mind.  Want to change your world, change your mind.  It is simple, but not easy.  We have been trained to see our world from the outside in.  Meaning what you see dictates, how you feel, what you think about and what you should be doing.  This is not accurate. How you feel, what you think about and what you are doing, dictates what you see!  Take that in for a moment.  You are in complete control of what your world looks like.  We have been taught that we have no control, that the world is a random series of events that we are hostage to.  That could not be further from the truth.  It is time to know the truth about ourselves!

The truth is you have complete control over your world!  You just were not aware it.  Now that you are, change it!  You have the tools necessary to change anything that is not pleasing to you, you came here with them.  It’s how the game you are playing works.  Your frequency matters, in the game of matter.  How fun is that!  Suffering, in the material world, is only an option not a requirement.  The options, by the way, are limitless.  The only limits in the material world are of your own making.    Now, let’s look at the tools we brought to the game.

The mind is a tool for manifestation, we use it to pay attention to and focus our frequency.  The heart is also a tool for manifestation, the heart is connected to all that is, the heart feels the experience we wish to have and informs the mind of what it needs to pay attention to and what needs to be focused on.  The heart is also where spirit, our eternal nature, merges with the physical material world.  Gary Zukav describes the heart as The Seat of the Soul in his book by the same name.  This is what I call the ‘Wholey Trinity’ (the whole of you) of mind, body and soul.  The mind, the body/heart and the soul are tools for creation in the material world.

The game of creation goes something like this.  The heart yearns for an experience and informs the mind of said desire.  The desire itself has a frequency.  The mind then begins to pay attention to and focuses on the desire, thus amplifying the frequency, which then imprints on the plasma, which now transforms to brings forth matter.  Giving rise to the physical experience of the desire.  Simple, right?  It sure is.  The real challenge here is to stay vigilante with your thoughts.  Remember every thought matters, when you have enough focus and attention going, you will manifest without fail.

Since we are accustomed to creating by default we first need to break some old habits.  These habits have created your world up until now.  If you want something to change in your environment the change must first begin with the mind.  Now, I say the mind because most of us are quite familiar with what our hearts desire.  The mind is where things are currently going in wrong direction completely.  We are mostly using our focus and attention on what is wrong with our world.  We are obsessing over what we are most unhappy about in our world.  You can see symptoms of this all over the place.  What is required here is a retraining of the mind.  This may take a while, please be patient with yourself.  As with any new skill, it takes practice to master.  But once you do everything changes.  Pay attention to what ‘matters’ most in your world, this can show you where to focus your attention first.  Then, begin to consciously choose your focus and attention.  Take full responsibility for what is manifesting in your world so that you can manifest what you wish to experience!

Now, go change the world!

I love you with ALL my Hearts!

Lisa Marie Flemino Rush




4 thoughts on “What does it mean to be a Creator Being?

  1. Love that, Lisa. Thank you! I have practised this very specifically recently, as follows:

    I rent the bottom level of a large, beautiful home. I love it here. The owners told me they were putting it up for sale. I decided to in to my authority as a creator being, and inform the matrix and AI that I wanted the new owners to want me to stay on, that I wanted people who are fair and reasonable and discreet to buy it, that I want a private rental agreement as I am allergic to estate agents being middle man.

    Well, as this property is very unique, the estate agent arranged for it to sell by auction. He was expecting a huge response and offers. What actually happened is that there was no auction because there were no enquiries regarding that. And there was just one offer, and that one person really wants the tenant to remain! So I am about to meet the new owners on Saturday, when I will suggest a private rental. Watch this space 😎

    Thank you. And I made this intention from my soul, spirit, mind and body: all of me.

    Jenny 💙

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